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Research on the Attraction Level of Talents Based on Fuzzy Evaluation

Shen Yun-Chang  Lu Hua-Cai  Zhang Chen-Yan  
【摘要】:This paper mainly establishes a multilevel fuzzy evaluation model, and takes Wuhu City as an example to evaluate the talent attraction level. Based on this, combined with the cluster model, the five cities in Wuhu City and Anhui Province are clustered and analyzed to compare the talent attraction. The advantages and disadvantages of all aspects of the level, while short-term forecast of the trend of the future talent attraction level of Wuhu City. The results show that Wuhu City has a good level of talent attraction. It is in the middle and upper reaches of the city compared with Hefei and other cities. Under the government's policy of actively implementing innovative industry reform, the level of talent attraction will show a growing trend in the future.

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